Thursday, November 20, 2008

What are you GRATEFUL for??

My 7 year old daughter came home on Monday, with a very fun project that she had to do. Her teacher told her to come up with 5 things that she is grateful for. HMMM...I was intrigued as a mom to see what SHE was grateful I didn't say anything and sat back to let her explain her whole project.....Let me explain a little bit about her....she is 7 going on about 15, very intelligent and thinks that I either don't know anything or don't understand anything that she says to me. I know she is probably just like every other kid out there, but I really thought that she "wouldn't know everything" until she was at least a teenager - WRONG!! The wars have already begun.

Back to her project, she told me in detail about what her teacher expected from her and how exactly she was going to do it. I said "have you figured out what you are grateful for yet?" She smiled and said "SURE, I am grateful for my family, because without them I wouldn't know love. I am grateful for food and water because with out food or water we would starve and die, and water helps us cool off in the summer. I am thankful for school because if we did not have school, we would not be smart and we would not be able to meet new friends. I am thankful for my sister, because I love her and she is fun to play with. And, I am thankful for warm clothes to wear when it is cold." I listened very carefully to her very simple but compelling list of 5 things that she was grateful for and realized that I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING right! She didn't say that she was thankful for a video game or candy. She didn't say that she was thankful for toys or "stuff"...she was really thankful for ALL the things that I would have had on my list.

That got me thinking of a time that I said THANKS....My youngest daughter has some very unique challenges and early on in her life she couldn't walk. We had to go through some very intense Physical Therapy, along with Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy AND we had a Child Development Specialist that worked with her as well. After a couple of years, these wonderful people helped my little girl learn to walk...first in a walker, then with leg braces and finally with out any assistance. How could I ever possibly show my gratitude to these wonderful people? I help people publish their own personal stories all the time, so I thought I would publish a "How Do I Say Thank You?" story just for them. It told how each person has touched my daughters life with their own personal magical touch and how we would not be where we are with out them. We gave it to them at Christmas time and watched their eyes fill with tears as they read their story. It is amazing to me that I still see that "Thank You" book on their desks and in their living room, even after a few years have gone by.
So, let me ask you.....What 5 things are YOU grateful for this year?

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