Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Been A While!!!

Ok, no I'm not gone!! I have just been struggling. Like I put in my last post, sometimes it is hard enough to just "BE MOM". My little M is doing great. We had to put our pool in this summer so that we can do physical therapy and MAN what a wonderful investment! My little sunshine started swimming and within a week she could swim anywhere in the pool that she wanted to go. It makes me so happy to float around and watch her do what ever it is that she wants. She can get in the pool, swim around, play on the steps or get out of the pool an doesn't have to ask for help once.

I have been working my tail off. Between being a mom to my girls, a wife to my wonderful hubby, being the general contractor for the construction we had done...I also own two businesses. I was ready to pull out all of my hair. I think things are finally hitting a happy plato and I am feeling somewhat normal again.

Yesterday I was in the back yard, looking around at all of our "SUMMER WORK" that we just finished a week ago and had the most amazing experience. My little M was playing on the swing set and stopped swinging. She stared me right in the eye for about 30 seconds. It was if she was trying to talk to me. She gave a little smile and then I smiled and gave her a simple little head not that said "come here". She got up off the swing and came over to me and got on my lap and stared out at our finished work with me. I was dumbstruck. She actually sat there for quite some time. Sometimes I could just hold her and hug her until the end of time. I think she is an angel sent from heaven just for ME.

I am so grateful to have her!

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