Tuesday, June 1, 2010

High Fever = No Sleep for Mom…

This weekend was a fantastic weekend (we went camping)!  I love watching my little one roam without all of the restrictions.  She gets to take her own little adventures without the worry of cars, hazards or anything else.  She gets to ride her bike….which is pretty awesome because the “experts” didn’t even think it was going to be a possibility….not anytime soon. 

We ended this weekend by contracting a flu bug…UGH…I hate it when my little one gets the flu.  A high fever in my house means seizures, worry and no sleep.  I think my little one had about 30+ seizures last night, it is hard to count when I am in a state of delirium from lack of sleep…not to mention the couch isn’t very inviting when sharing it with a 6yr old.  At one point she even kicked me in the face while she was having a seizure.  It is absolutely heart breaking to watch her seizures….it is even more heart breaking when the seizure if over and she comes back to reality….sees me hovering over her, holding her hand and…..she smiles and says “MAMA”….one of the only words she know how to say.  It is as if she is telling me it is alright, but I can’t say that it makes me handle it any easier.  It does make me smile deep inside, because it shows me how strong my angel is and it is a simple reminder about what is important.

Right now she is still asleep….I hope this flu bug passes quickly….