Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where is the MERRY this year?

Wow, this year has been crazy. I think that every person close or near to me is suffering in some way. Recently a friend of mine had her sister die, then another friend had a family member die and then last night one of my dear friends lost someone. How can this be Christmas?

About 3 weeks ago my husband lost his job. we are right before the holidays and we have fell into the melting pot of US unemployment. I think I now understand how all of the people in the US are trying to figure out how to put food on the table. Can you believe it? One minute you are working along just fine and then the next you are unemployed. If it were a year ago, one would just go out and get a new job, but EVERYONE is out of work. EVERYONE is wondering how to pay their mortgage AND there isn't an end in site. RECESSION. I am so sad. Luckily my dear sweet hubby went back to work this week. But, I have a much different take on how quickly things can change. One minute we have a job and the next we might not. I think my lesson this week is...BE prepared.

I am so sad for everyone around me. People I know AND people I don't know. I pray that things turn around quickly. I pray that families survive.