Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I spoke with our genetics doctor and it looks like we had a chromosome test come back with an "abnormal gene". It was the RETT Syndrom gene. UGH. I guess superficially I don't really care about this, because I LOVE my little M and think that she is the GREATEST thing that has ever blessed my life....but it eats me up to know that this isn't something that she might out grow.

Ever visit to the doctor's since her birth, has held some sort of hope. The doctor's always said "she will probably out grow this". Their biggest reason for saying that is because they haven't been able to find ANYTHING wrong with her. The only thing that they know is that she has global delays, Ataxia and Seizures. NO REASON for any of it.

I am supposed to go and have the gene test taken now and then my husband will have to have the test so that we can rule out the chance that it is a fluke, that is abnormal gene in either of us and just passed down to her. The only good thing is that she isn't showing signs of RETT Syndrome, yet.

On a little bit better note....

My little M was TERRABLY sick last week. She ran a temp of 103.3 for about 4 days. She really runs the high risk of having seizures when she has a temp that high. GUESS WHAT!!!! Even with the high temp, we did NOT have ANY seizures!!!!! YAHOO....the doctors and my family were so worried....

We are so BLESSED. Thank you for our little M.