Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back in the swing of things :)

I'm officially back. I got a question for ya?? Have you ever had a bad day for no good reason...and then find out that one of your kids is sick? It is the strangest thing. Yesterday, I felt "off" and couldn't explain it. I really wasn't upset, nothing was really wrong, but I felt like something was wrong. When my youngest got home from school she was a little quiet, I know that sounds strange for a kid that doesn't talk to be quiet, but she was. She fell asleep at about 5:00pm and I kinda knew something might be up. At about 2am she started to cry. I listened for a minute to see if it was just a bad dream or more...have you ever seen that commercial where thee mom and dad are laying in bed and they hear the kid cry, the dad says did you hear that and the mom says "was it a mom or a MOOOMMM?" was kinda like that. I jumped out of bed fast enough that my husband got up too. He said what's wrong? I ran to my daughter (I know a little dramatic but for my 4yr old to cry like that is really NOT I knew something was really wrong, actually I thought it was seizure related at first). I took her to the couch and then.......we were running to the bathroom.

Man, it is horrible to have to hold your 4yr olds' head over the toilet while they scream and cry because they don't like to throw up.....

She is better now!! She has a temperature and is watching the Little Einsteins right now and it gave me a good excuse to keep her home from school so that I can take care of her.

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