Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun little activity...

Hey there, this weekend was fantastic! We had the chance to play in the sunshine and it was GREAT! Our whole family went out and raked leaves, actually it was kinda pointless because they were falling off the trees as fast as we were picking them up.....but in the mist of trying to get some yard work done, we had a HUGE pile of leaves. My girls were having the time of their life! One of them would hide in the pile, while the other one ran an jumped in. It was so fun to watch. It just took me back to when I was a kid ...THAT WAS QUITE SOME TIME AGO!! It was really a blast. We had a leaf fight and took turns throwing them up in the was so fun. I love this time of year. The holiday's are here and everyone feels happy. Children's laughter just warms the heart.

I was thinking about fun little projects that we have done with our family and I thought I would share one. It is simple enough that even our SPECIAL little people can do it.

Button Cap or Rainy Day Hat

Get an old had or one that you just won't wear because it is too big. Get a bunch of buttons (I keep a jar of buttons and add to it as the goes on, a thrift store has buttons for cheap also). Take a bottle of glue and put little dabs of glue all around, let your little one put on as many buttons or beads as they want. The more buttons, the better. If you child is like mine the small buttons are things that she likes to put in her mouth, so I use the jumbo buttons. They look SO cute. I also like to take "puffy paint" and write my kids' names on the hat in their favorite color. Let the hat dry for about 24 hours and then it is ready to wear. My little ones LOVE wearing their hats around the house.

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