Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am having a special needs moment!

OK....I just can't kick myself back into gear. I am SO overwhelmed right now. We have this construction project that is literally making me sick to my stomach and is TOTALLY over budget now AND now to top it off my little one had 5 SEIZURES yesterday....what the hell? Now I have to tell her Neurologist and he is probably going to mess with her medications and try to get them back under control. I think I could literally scream.

My mother-in-law called me about something totally stupid late yesterday. She sat on the phone rambling on and on about things that really don't matter. I pulled the phone away from my head and literally looked at it and thought....WHAT THE HELL....doesn't she realize that some of us have REAL issues going on in our lives. Does she really think that I have time or energy to waste on stupid SH** right now? UGH.....

I am tired of my little girl having to suffer! I only really have one thing to say right now....


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