Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holding Back the Tears

It is a HOT HOT HOT day today. I walked outside at about 6am and it already felt like it was 80 degrees. UGH......smoke fills the air and the heat is smothering.....what is the world coming to? Global Warming?

My little one rides the bus to school. I spoke with one of the other bus drivers a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that the heat was affecting my daughter because her latest medication keeps her from sweating, therefore when she gets hot her temp rises and rises until eventually we end up with heat stroke or something.....who in the world should have to worry about this.....definitely not a child! I have to always carry a squirt bottle or little mister with me where ever I go. My poor little angle. Anyways, I told this bus driver about my daughters ability to over heat and she said I should request a bus that has air conditioning. I really don't like to put people out and decided not to call the transportation department. Mentally, I decided to pick my daughter up when it was to hot so that she can cool off in the nice A/C of the car. Well, today I went to put my little one on the bus and told the driver that it was just to hot and that I was going to pick her up from school myself and the driver looked at me and said......"OH GOOD!Your daughter has been on my mind for the last day or so. I have been worried about her being on this hot bus. I am glad that you are picking her up.".................I can't express how terrible I feel right now. Our bus driver felt bad for my daughter and did not say anything to me? Should I even be putting her on the bus at all? Am I a bad parent? Why do I worry about putting others out, I should have told them I WANT an A/C bus for my daughter?

Sometimes I just need a little break and with the price of gas, I thought I was doing the right thing........

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