Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Markers, Markers, who's got the Markers???

Well, today was a hard day....isn't it amazing how much of a roller coaster life really is? I decided to fight with my oldest ALL day. If she was a teenager I think I could understand it....but she's NOT.

"L" loves to color and today she decided to color me a beautiful card. In the excitement of having some girls come over for a slumber party this weekend, when she was done coloring the card she left the markers on the couch. She ran off to her room to get it ready for the girls that were arriving.

My youngest thought this would be the PERFECT time to kick back on the couch and work on HER artwork....and have a little snack.....and do some body art.......really I didn't think she was going to be the artiest that I found out she is. In a matter of about 5 MINUTES (really doesn't take long in our house for chaos to hit) I walked back in the room to find my beige couches with scribble rainbow marks ALL over them. Green must be her favorite color because she had it ALL over her belly, arms and legs.....her lips were red and blue.....they must have appeared to be the best snack in the house because when I found them she had SUCKED the color out of them and eaten the caps! OMG!!!!!

My poor little "L" got the brunt of my anger. "HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THE MARKERS ON THE COUCH?????" I yelled.......Everyone in our family knows that we NEVER leave markers or crayons within reach of "M"......Now looking back it was an honest mistake on her part. A typical thing for a kid to do....sadly things aren't typical in our house.

I feel bad tonight for my oldest....she really is getting the raw end of the deal. She thinks that her sister gets all of the attention (therapy, meetings, special schools, bus name it), L gets in trouble for things that are really normal, but could seriously hurt her sister.....they share a room and "L" has to pick up more stuff than "M". The balancing act that we have to do as parents of a special needs child (and typical child) is fragile.......

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