Friday, July 25, 2008

BODY SOX??? I Want One!!!

I found this very cool new thing, it is called a body sox. My daughter has Ataxia so deep pressure and body awareness is always something that we struggle with. My little girl would have a BLAST playing in one of these.....well actually my family is just crazy enough that we would ALL be playing in these (in the secrecy of our own yard :) ) I think it would be fun to play the dance freeze game!!! LOL

I found Terri Mauro's write up about Body Sox and she has given us five great ways to use Body Sox.

Body Sox are colorful bags made of a stretchy, see-through, breathable fabric. They have a long slit on one side that makes it easy for your child to get in and out. Exploring the boundaries of the bag provides comforting deep pressure and awareness of body position for your child. Besides the fun of exploring the boundaries of the bag, your child may find it very calming to have the world shut out for a while. Here are five things to do with that bag, for starters. You can order one through the equipment catalogs on the list of Sensory Integration Tools and Toys.
1. Have your child stand inside it and push against the sides with his hands, or lay down and push with his feet.
2. Start your child off in the bag when making him into a burrito.
3. Let your child walk or crawl around, with your support and protection.
4. Play a "dance and freeze" game, and take pictures of the funny positions your child winds up in.
5. Use it as a calm retreat when your child is in sensory overload.

For more info about this...follow the link

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  1. My little one has sensory integration disorder and would absolutely LOVE this! cool, thanks for the tip.


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