Monday, January 13, 2014

What challenge did I overcome this week?

So, here we are the beginning of Week 2 on my low glycemic/low carb healthy eating exercise.....and my coach, Kara, put out on Facebook "what was my biggest challenge this week?"  I haven't posted my answer there yet, but to be honest my biggest challenge this past week was, NOT QUITTING!  I have realized that I can eat much better during the week, Monday through Friday (Friday is questionable), but on Saturday and Sunday, I thought I was gonna die. 

On Saturday morning it started out with donuts for all of the kids, because we had a sleep over and it is a treat for them to have donuts....but for was excruciating!  I over came though....Then it was lunch time and my husband decided to take me to a movie, which as you are very aware, I am a special needs mom....and movie "dates" are few and far between, so he decided to treat the kids to Taco Bell, since we were leaving them for the afternoon.  I felt my drool run down my cheek, sitting in the drive thru....because I have been a Taco Bell fan since I was a kid, and there really isn't any other fast food joint that does it for me, quite the way that a "run for the border" does.  Then we were off to the movies.  The smell of freshly popped popcorn, soda machines, candy in the display case....JUST about knocked me off my rocker, but I prepared myself before I left.  I drank 20 oz of water so that I wasn't thirsty and brought my food with me....I survived, only by the good gracious of pure inner strength....then there was dinner....I was going to figure out a good meal to make, but since we got home from the movies a little late, everyone was ready for dinner.  So, out we go again, but this time I was more prepared.  I had already researched which places had food that was ok for me to eat...El Pollo Loco won.  I survived the day......

Sunday wasn't any easier.  We started out ok, I was proud that I survived the previous day and didn't come off my plan at all, but it went down from there.  We had to go grocery shopping and needed a bunch of bulk things, so we went to Sam's.  I love Sam's.  We navigated the isles great and made it through the check out line, but then our tradition has always been to stop at the snack counter and grab something to eat.  So that is what we did.  I of course stared up at the menu and salivated at the big pictures of the hot dog, pretzel, soda, icee, ice cream with fruit.......UGH.  Then a nice lady (obviously having no idea of the inner turmoil that I was currently in walked up to my children and offered them (and myself) a yogurt parfait sampler....ANOTHER one of my favorites.  I smiled and thanked her for her generosity and sat there feeding my 2yr old the wonderful smelling yogurt with fruit and granola..mmmmm.....I of course passed, but not before contemplating what in the world was I doing?  Why the heck am I torturing myself?  I am a healthy person, right?  I don't eat a bunch of candy.  I am active.  Everyone else in the world, eats what they want, why can't I?  UGH!  It ended up being a moment by moment struggle on Sunday.  I arrived home and gave my children their fruit for a snack...and contemplated calling my Coach and telling her, forget it!

But, then I thought about my commitment to myself for the next 28 days.  My commitment to my team, the Waist Management Team, my ultimate goal of living a more healthy lifestyle.....and I put one foot in front of the other and kept going.  It wasn't over until I actually quit and I hadn't quit yet.  Moment by moment, I survived the rest of the day. 

I managed to survive my weekend struggle and today has been easy again.  My note-to-self on this one was to plan next weekend better!  Two things to know are, we do not typically eat-out so much and I will not ALWAYS be eating THIS way.  I am only cutting out carbs and sugar for the near future and then I can eat what I want....but when I go back to eating what I want, I will be better educated on what my decisions will result in, and how to eat the bad things in moderation (if I decide to at all). 

SO, where am I today?  Well, today is the day that I check in and weight myself to see how things are going....AND......drum roll please, I am down 6 lbs. from last Monday!  I haven't taken my measurements yet, but unless I am being delusional, my clothes are fitting me a little less snug :)...In  the contest, I made 37 points, but dropped the ball in the exercise area.  So my goal this week is to kick it up a notch.  I am not supposed to exercise hard yet, but I can definitely walk more. 

Wish me luck.  "No one ever said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it"


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