Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Madness

It is Monday morning THANK GOODNESS!

I am coming off of a weekend of utter exhaustion.  Maddy literally did not want to do ANYTHING except play in our front yard on her bike.....that means EVERYTHING else was not wanted.  She didn't want to come inside to eat, go to the bathroom, wash her face, relax, go to bed....NOTHING else was acceptable.  When ever I tried to redirect her onto a task that was necessary she would scream and have a meltdown.  It was exhausting....because that meant either fight with her to do what I felt needed to get done, or give in for the sake of argument. 

She won.....I didn't have the strength to argue this weekend.

I even did my laundry in the garage.....I washed, folded and piled high the 25 loads of laundry (not really, but it felt like 25 loads :).  I am not at all embarrassed that I had to fold my underwear out in the open....

I am sure my neighbors love us.....between the screaming sessions and me flashing my skivvies....whats not to love?  I can honestly say that we add excitement and drama to our neighborhood.  All they need is a chair and some popcorn to be entertained.

The one time I had to bring my girl into the house so that I could go to the bathroom (because she must be supervised at all times...and what was I thinking stopping the playtime to go pee).....she had a huge meltdown in her room that consisted of making herself throw up, which she only does to prove to me that SHE is the boss.....(and my boss says no more potty breaks while on duty, should I report her to the labor board?) 

I know you are probably thinking that I should put my foot down and take control of my house, but the cold hard truth is that sometimes.....I must pick my battles and this weekend wasn't one of them. 

So, now it is Monday.  I will pick up the pieces and start the week with hope for a great week and gratitude that everyone woke up happy.

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