Sunday, January 5, 2014

Right where I should be

Well, here it is - proof that the life of a mother of three is overwhelming, time consuming, ever changing....and quite simply....fantastic! Although I haven't had a bubble bath in what feels like ages, and look at pictures of friends drinking wine in beautifully elegant places, RIGHT AFTER changing diapers....I believe I am right where I am supposed to be. Being a mommy to my beautiful babies.  

I can't help but smile at the crazy shanagins that go on in our house EVERYDAY.  Like today for instance, my 2 yr old decided that he didn't want to wear his PJ's any longer and got himself dressed. He went into his room, pulled his clothes from yesterday out of the hamper (The Incredible Hulk is a big deal around here), and put them on. His pants were on backwards, but he was so very delighted with himself that he came to me with his big beautiful Cheshire grin clapping and I couldn't help but applaud with him.  Or when my little Mad-Mad, who loves the show Rediculousness, saw a funny scooter crash and asked us to replay it 10 times...laughing like she was watching it for the first time each time.  Or when my tween got mad at me for not inviting her to go with me to see The Circque Du Soleil show tomorrow...which I would have but I didn't think she would feel like hanging with a bunch of "old" people all  She really was mad at me, I'm honored.

I love my little people and although I am living in the trenches, I wouldn't change a thing....


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