Monday, March 10, 2008

Overcoming Adversity

There is a little bit if excitement building around our house, as my little M is getting ready to celebrate her 4th birthday. She has learned to ride a tricicle in the past two weeks, so we have decided to get her a new one for her birthday. We went shopping this weekend to see what was on the market. I am so excited for her. Although, we have found out that we need a special seat, so that she doesn't push off the back. We also found out that we need these special foot pedals so that her feet will stay secure while she rides. All in all our little tricicle is going to be about $500...but she is worth it. The independence she gets from riding her own bike is evident in her HUGE smile as she pedals past us.

We also got to go out onto our little playgound in the backyard this weekend. We managed to put up some little safety rails on the slide and now she has full range of the back yard. There isn't anything that can hurt her, well except the typical risk.

Have you ever set back and watched a kid play on their own terms? Try it sometimee. There really isn't anything like it. My pride and excitement was bubbling over. I watched my kids play was so NORMAL, which isn't a word that we get to use very often. I put a blanket in the grass and just watched...I didn't say a word. I didn't flinch, when my little one was hanging about a foot off the ground as she was slipping off the slide ladder....I didn't flinch, I just let her work it out. I let her be her...I let her figure it a MOM it was the biggest fan of my daughter...It was EXCITING.....

Here is a quote I found:

"It doesn't make any difference whether what you face is something that affects your work, your personal relationships, your sense of security, your appraisal of self-worth, or your appearance--the way you think about your situation largely determines whether you will do anything about it and what you will do."~ Dr. Arthur Freeman and Rose DeWolf

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