Sunday, March 30, 2008

The New Bike!

We got it....the NEW BIKE! How cool is it to watch your 4yr old sit on a tricycle and ride it for the first time? Most children get to ride a "big wheel" or tricycle or scooter at the young ages of 2 and up, but for us it has been a feet just to learn how to walk. If you would have asked me a year ago if my little one would be riding a big girl bike on her 4th birthday, I would have teared up and said probably not. Now I am tearing up and telling you YES....SHE DID IT!

She is so proud. The bright, beaming eyes tell it all. She might not be able to vocally tell me what she is feeling or how proud she is, but I know by the smile and eager eyes. She won't go slow on it. The new found freedom has her trying to keep up with her big sister....oh brother...we are now getting some knee pads and elbow pads :)

On a little different note, we are still unable to get our seizures under control. She had 4 yesterday....Her Neurologist has suggested changing her meds to either Topomax or Depakote? Probably don't have them spelled right, but I now have to research them...Oh how I wish I would have gone to school for my PHD....I could have been a doctor. Maybe I was meant to find and cure my little ones mysterious illness....

Still in limbo....probably always will be.

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