Thursday, January 6, 2011

Physical Therapy?

In 2006 I was told that my daughter could get some additional help from an organization called CCS.  Based on the fact that she has ATAXIA, it is almost a given.  When I filled out the application and mailed it in, I received a letter that said she was DENIED services.  Their reason for denying her was due to the fact that she was only on 1 medication to control her seizures!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  She was denied because they said that she wasn't SICK ENOUGH.....They never even mentioned the Ataxia.  After I started to discuss the situation with other moms and some teachers, I found out that maybe I didn't stress the "right" stuff on the application I filled out.  I really don't understand that reason though.  IF A CHILD NEEDS therapy, why in the world would you make all of this red tape?

WELL, now we are in 2010 (well really we just started 2011, but in October of 2010) I was FORCED to apply for CCS again, by another organization that doesn't want to pay for our therapy any longer.  I almost had my application walked-thru the system, and it was approved. HMMMM, what exactly does that mean?  I didn't have enough connections in 2006? 

After months of waiting to see if we were going to get additional services, I found out that we were approved for Physical Therapy 1x/wk.  WOW, for as much as I am griping, I really am happy that my daughter gets the services she needs.  BUT SHE NEEDED THEM 4 YEARS AGO, as much as she needs them now! 

I guess that is really my problem.  NO ONE has ever told me that she doesn't NEED therapy, they just tell me that they won't pay for it.  SO FRUSTRATING.  THESE ARE CHILDREN!  Stop paying for people to leach off of the system and take care of the people who need it most.

Why, as parents of special needs children, do we have to work so diligently to get the help we need? Why can't someone other than us, have our children's best interest at heart? 


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