Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Special Moment

Yesterday I had to pop into my daughter's preschool class. When I went in it took a minute before the kids knew I was there and then it was complete class disruption. My little M saw me and said "MaMa" which is a delight in its own because for as long as my daughter could talk she has been saying "PaPa" for her daddy. It took her until she was about 3 years old before she could actually say MaMa intentionally. Well, today when I went and disrupted her class she got out of circle time and came over to me, I was a little preoccupied writing a check for pictures, and gave me a KISS!!! She has never before walked up to me and kissed me! My heart filled with such joy! I think it would probably be hard for someone not in my position to fully grasp what a wonderful thing it is to have your 3.5 year old give you an unexpected kiss. I no longer take for granted the little things, every little thing is a big accomplishment.

I LOVE my daughter.

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