Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh So Much Worry!

I know most of you probably won't understand the feelings running through me right now (unless of course you are the parent of a special needs child). It really is an impossible situation!

First, to find out that I was pregnant was such a bitter sweet moment. I was filled with so much joy and instantly overwhelmed with the thoughts of what having a baby means to that I know ALL the possible things that can go wrong.....AND not to mention the reaction of the doctors....

Today, I had a genetic doctor call and inform me that they want to test my oldest and my unborn for a rare genetic mutation that showed up in me and my youngest.....UGH...they wanted to be sure that I am not going to give the baby Rett Syndrome. By the way don't look up Rett Syndrome....IT WILL FREAK YOU OUT! Even if my daughter may have it....the info available online is scarey!

I wish that I could just feel certain that everything will be alright.....but I don't.....
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