Thursday, May 29, 2008

Proud Mama

Today I attended my little ladies graduation from pre-school. Well actually it was from one class into another. I have to share the abundance of emotion that I have right now.

It is an AMAZING site watching the little people fight for every little accomplishment that they make. They NEVER give up and work harder for things that most take for granted. It is equally amazing how truly dedicated and caring the staff and teachers are at our school. I watched each student (about 25 or so) get special recognition for every accomplishment that they did. I have witnessed each of these kids grow, mostly because in the small world of special needs you meet everyone through early intervention. A lot of these kids have we have known for 2-4 years already. As I sat in my chair listening to all of the accomplishments, my mind can't help but to go over each little step that my lady has made. I teared up.

Then from across the room I heard my little lady call my name "MaMa". That makes my heart warm because she can't say many other words verbally but she can pick me out of a crowd and call my name. The pride that I have right now is beyond measure. I love my little pride and joy!

Sometimes I WISH the rest of the world would take a lesson from the world of special needs:

Cherish every accomplishment. Always do your best. Let go of the little thing that don't really matter and cheer on your neighbor. If you fall down get back up and try again. So what if you don't do it perfectly. Smile. Celebrate. Love. Laugh. Play. Listen. Sing.

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